WordPress eStore Style Catalog

This catalog page demonstrates the native functionality of WordPress eStore.  It was created using a single short code and some custom CSS.  A catalog page can be used to organize products in rational groups.  This way a customer can narrow their browsing experience simply by selecting the product type they wish to browse.  Both WP eStore and Thesis provide a facility for doing this.  The benefit of using the eStore catalog is that it is very easy to create.  The benefit of using Thesis is that it can be completely customized.

This category demonstrates the ability of our e-commerce site to deal with shipping and variations in physical products.
Downloadable E Books
This is an example of a product category for secure downloadable products. This demonstrates the ease with which one can create a secure e-commerce site using WordPress, Thesis & WP eCommerce
High quality, low cost software capable of powering a full featured e-commerce website. Create your own e-commerce site with WordPress, Thesis and WP eCommerce.
Video Training
Step by step, up to date training videos that teach anyone to create an e-commerce website, even if they have never built a webpage before.