One of the keys to learning how to build an effective E-Commerce website is using the right tools. ¬†Most e-commerce solutions out there fall into one of 3 camps: ¬†Simple, but your store looks like everyone else’s; Simple but you pay a percentage of your sales to the site host; Flexible, powerful and complicated – requiring a programmer to use it. ¬†Fortunately this system is none of those.

  • It is simple to learn, requiring no programing experience.
  • It if flexible enough to do almost anything you could want it to.
  • You remain always in control of your site

This E-Commerce site relies on 3 principal pieces of software; WordPress, Thesis and WordPress eStore.

WordPress eStore Software
WordPress eStore is a powerful, easily used e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It has the simplest, secure and automatic digital product delivery system on the market. Catalog creation is a snap and it can even track inventory. It has a full featured shopping cart that can accommodate discounts and coupons.
Price: $34.95
Thesis Theme for WordPress
Thesis is one of the most powerful and flexible WordPress themes on the market today. It is very easily customized to achieve a unique look and feel. It also has unique elements that are well suited to an E-Commerce website. In addition Thesis gives you complete control over every aspect of the SEO of your site.
Price: $87.00