Video Instruction

Here’s what this site is really all about:  Learning how to build your own E-Commerce website.  These videos are designed for beginners.  The only prerequisite is that you know how to use the rudiments of a word processor.  You need to be able to “select”, “copy”, “paste”, “right click” and “left click”.  If you can do that you can easily follow along.  Each video tackles a specific subject, we start at the very beginning – selecting a domain name and finish at using Google’s tools to optimize your visibility on the web.  In between we learn how to organize a site, how to create pages, how to simple graphics work, and how to customize the appearance of your site.  Next we add products, catalogs, a shopping cart and customer reviews.  We even learn how to set up an email marketing campaign.  In short, we touch on every topic you need to know in order to develop, manage and maintain your own E-Commerce website.